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Cartridge filters guarantee the filtering of fine dust.

Dust removal equipment for the dust generated in storage silos by pneumatic conveying or the dedusting process. 

The air used for the cartridge cleaning must be free of impurities and humidity in order to achieve a perfect absorption.

Suitable solution for various systems by choosing matching accessories.

Typical characteristics:
  • The filter can be made of carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel;
  • Polyester or other special tissue;
  • Cartridge fixings in galvanized carbon steel;
  • The cleaning piping for cartridges has holes in order to obtain a better cleaning in each chamber;
  • Programmable timer, holdfast for cartridge cleaning, safety rail and ladder.

After the unloading process, the product is conducted to the cartridges, which retain the dust generated in the silo. The clean air is discharged to the atmosphere by a fan. The dust retained in the cartridges returns to the silo.

Some advantages:
  • Low maintenance cost;
  • Easy operation.

This integrated solution, where the air flow passes through the cartridges, ensures an efficient process. The programmable timer is responsible for the cleaning efficiency of the cartridges.

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Application example of cartridge filters installed on top of the silo, where the pneumatic conveying line discharges the product into the silo and the filter removes the dust generated during discharge.

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